Woodenheart - Wood creations by Mike Laine


The Carpentry Way is a blog by a woodworker friend named Chris Hall, and he tackles and explains quite complicated building and layout problems. A woodworker's woodworker if there ever was one.

Here are a couple of furniture makers who do quality work with an eye to local and sustainable. David Fay is in the San Francisco Bay Area www.davidfay.com. Eric Manigian works in Brooklyn www.ericmanigian.com.

Bruce Johnson is a sculptor who works with unimaginably large and ancient pieces of redwood… www.formandenergy.com.

Len Brackett is a long time designer and builder of Traditional Japanese houses… www.eastwindinc.com.

Michael Hollihn (michaelhollihn.blogspot.com), and John Buday (www.cascade-crest.com) are timber framers in the Pacific Northwest.

Jay Van Arsdale has been doing Japanese style woodworking in the Bay Area since the early 80’s… www.daikudojo.org.

Blake Gilmore is a fabulous general contractor in Oakland, CA… www.blakegilmoregc.com.

Most of the tools I use come from Hida Tools and Hardware, and everything they sell is of excellent quality… www.hidatool.com.

Julian Hodges builds gates in the Berkeley/Oakland area… www.julianhodges.com.